Optimal programming for Hayward TriStar VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump, 1.85 HP


Dec 4, 2020
Weston, FL
Hi. Anyone can help me with an optimal programing example for my Hayward TriStar VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump, 1.85 HP? This is what I have:

My pool size is 14,000 gallons
Heliocol Pool Solar panels
Zodiac pool cleaner
Pentair Cartridge filter.

What I need is any recommendation on how to program the Hayward pump so I can get the most of it, and have my pool cleaner to work only on certain days and save energy as well.

Your comments and feedback are much appreciated.


Apr 6, 2021
DFW, Texas
Pool Size
I think most will tell you that it’s going to really depend on so many factors, but I’ll share my details. I’m still trying to see long term if it’s good, but so far for the last month it’s been perfect.

Hayward VSP 950 Omni
Pentair chlorinator
Hayward DE filter
Polaris 380 cleaner

Pump at 100% for 2.5 hours in AM (cleaner for 2 hours).
Pump at 50% in afternoon for 2 hours (twice, 4H total)

Spa only:
Pump at 50% for 2 hours.
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