Opening a can of worms?


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Jun 21, 2018
We moved into this house 4 years ago with no info on the pool other than it was lovely and clear and everything appeared to work. Has been fine overall. However we definitely need to replace the liner soon and I’m scared to see what else is going on under there. 🤣

Main details are in my signature but it has only one skimmer, 2 returns, with a 3rd that was closed into the liner at some point. Main drain must have a crack of some sort? It has never lost water but if we have it on main drain at all rather than skimmer only, we get chunks of sandy stuff in the pump basket so basically the past two years we completely close the port for the main drain to prevent that. One of the returns bubbles when it turns on but quickly returns to normal, no bubbles. The bottom surface of the pool under the liner has a few obvious cracks or something from settling, is my assumption. I found out recently the pool was put in shortly after the house was built, so it is 40 years old this year. 😱

Starting two years ago, we noticed minor wrinkles in the bottom of the deep end. Well this year that problem has gotten much worse. Those wrinkles are bigger and now there are also some horizontal wrinkles around the majority of the sides. Also the part of the liner above the water is no longer flat to the wall, definitely air behind it this year.

I have been putting off calling anyone since it doesn’t lose water...we’ve only had to put the hose in it twice this year. Once after a huge party, and once after a long dry spell. However with the worsening wrinkles I don’t want to wait until spring and potentially be without our pool most of our short summer next year. I just don’t want to or even have more than 10k to spend on repairs and such. I know a liner will be at least 4K. Any ideas what else we may be looking at?

Really if we have major repairs needed we may look into a total remodel with financing. The stairs are old and ugly. I’d prefer the pool to be slightly bigger or make it L shaped for a larger shallow end since we have 4 kids and lots of parties. Also want to put in a solar heater and swg if we do anything big. My husband is against switching to swg with the current setup because we have family who did that and it supposedly destroyed all their pipes and they ended up filling in the pool rather than repair it. So obviously we don’t want that.

I can attach pics, hopefully tomorrow. It is cloudy right now after returning from vacation and the neighbor had accidentally turned the timer on manual so it was off for 3 days and was very green when we got home 4 days ago.

Any ideas of what we are dealing with? Just a worn stretched out liner with other minor issues or something much worse?


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May 16, 2010
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Yes, it could just be an old, stretched liner. But poor pool chemistry (low pH, high CYA) can supposedly cause wrinkling in vinyl liners. If it's not leaking, I'd leave well alone until it does. Then do the complete ($$$$) remodel! In the meanwhile, make sure your pool chemistry is optimal.


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Jun 21, 2018
My CYA has never been higher than 40 but for some reason my ph does get low quite often, while the total alkalinity is always borderline high. So maybe that is contributing as well.


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Jul 20, 2017
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Not sure where you are in MI but here in Windsor that is just across the river from Detroit we get acid rain. I am always raising my PH.
Wrinkles is caused from to much liner material. That is caused by water under the liner. If your liner is away from the walls above the water it is not being stretched down any more, which "usually" is due to water behind the liner. I hear ya on not having to add water this year , i am now just this week needing to add for the first time.
The liner alone should be under $1000 over there. What is hidden would be a guess until drained and the old liner removed. The changes you mention will be very costly as that would be a huge job almost as bad as starting from scratch.
Check with your pool party people and see if any are handy as changing the liner and a few little touch ups is not a big deal.
Those bubbles at start up is because you are losing prime and should be a easy fix as it will be above ground. I would not be concerned with that right now.