Opened late to brown debris on pool bottom/slight green water


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Jun 21, 2019
Louisville KY
Hi, I just opened today (unfortunately - learned that lesson) to a pool that has medium brown debris flakes similar to what was on the top of the winter cover. Algae? Dirt? I wonder if it went through. Water is pretty clear, with possibly green tint towards the bottom but I can't tell. Hooking up the pump tomorrow and wondering what my process should be as I've never opened to bad water before. I closed to TFP perfection last year. Time to replace the 2 year old winter cover too?
- First, vacuum out debris on bottom, brush sides, cove, and bottom, so no visible debris is seen
- Test water (Taylor K2005) for everything
- Fix pH to 7.2-7.5
- Immediately add CYA via sock method to 40
Do I need to SLAM for sure, or if it's dirt, can I just vacuum it up and add Chlorine to target levels?
- While that's dissolving, immediately add liquid chlorine to SLAM level/target level?, knowing it will take DAYS to get CYA dissolves and up to 40
- After 3 criteria are passed, balance alkalinity if needed
Can anyone advise on this approach or tell me what to change or if SLAM is definitely needed? Thanks in advance - Pics are increasingly magnified, with 'clean spots' I brushed on the bottom.

PXL_20210715_011139747.jpg PXL_20210715_011212390.jpg PXL_20210715_011234045.jpg
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Jun 16, 2019
Hey Zwrickers, welcome back !! I'm stunned that it's in such good shape being this late. Good for you tho. You very well may just be looking at sediment/silt on the floor from whatever got in over the winter. Vac it out and see. If it cleans up and looks great, Overnight Chlorine Loss Test.

Your plan is spot on if need be, or the OCLT fails. Ph to 7.2.
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