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Aug 11, 2007
Well I thought I would post my progress thus far for those people like me who check here every day for new posts. Thanks to the forum although I'm not a frequent poster I read the forum for ideas every day. My modest pool build will start sometime around the 20th of the month. During the PB selection process I was amazed at the different costs in a pool bid. Our first one for a vinyl Liner lazy L came in near $45K way too expensive for me for a base pool. The next PB gave me his bid on post it notes, and was eager to leave my house in like 15 min. The third "official" bid was a winner. Thanks to Rockyboy from the forum for all his help and recommendations.

So it's a Ft. Wayne 16X43X24 Grecian True L with about 800SQ ft. Base pool will have a diving board, grey coping (he doesn't do concrete coping), Pentair wisperflow pump 1.5HP, Pentair SD 80, upgraded 8' color matching steps, 3ft of concrete- 8ft on diving end and some kind of deck support system (important here in OK). Cost $27,500

Here is what I think I'm going to upgrade, any feedback is appreciated
I think I want
Swimout or "buddy seat" $2,000
2 of the Pentair LED intellibrite lights $1,200
upgrade filter to TA100 $200
See if he can do a very small water feature $1,000
buy my own DIG-60 autopilot $1,100
buy my own Heat Pump $3,200
I think I can get the PB to install the stuff I buy without a problem.

I know that Liner colors are a personal choice, and I wish there was only two choices but I have like 50. I've seen the aqua green and wonder if people have a posting of pool with that kind of liner because it looks like the water is still blue.

So digging is to begin around the 20th. Thanks all


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Apr 4, 2007
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For liner color, I have two suggestions. First, rely on real liner samples. This is our liner

In reality, the liner is much less of a royal blue than the picture would indicate, and it wasn't even in our list of choices when we looked at the PB's brochures. The next time he visited, he brought actual samples, and the 3 or 4 that we had picked before were no longer in the running after looking at real liner pieces.

Second, some kind of pattern on the bottom will help hide small debris so you don't have to clean quite as often to keep the pool looking good.


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Dec 22, 2007
Central New York
It's early for me and you might have said it and I missed it but:

How many skimmers?

How many inlets?

Bottom drain?

Also.... the location of the skimmers and inlets. Did PB explain why he is placing them at each location?

I take it that the PB is going to wire up everything for you. Underground wiring?
When I built my pool, the seller of the pool said "Rule #2.... Do not connect two pipes(flexable) together under ground. All lines should be one run." I just thought I would put that down.

Did the PB say anything about an under-the-liner drain in the deep end?

I think I can get the PB to install the stuff I buy without a problem.
The PBs on this forum might have something to say about that. I don't know.

Have you thought about getting all the extras from that PB so all things will be included in the "guarantee".

Speaking of the guarantee; did the PB go over it and do you understand it?

Just wondering.


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Aug 11, 2007
Thanks for the feedback. To address the questions.
PB said he would do two skimmers and put them the direction the wind blows. Two main drains and somwhere between 5 and 7 returns. I did think about buying the two items from the PB the problem is the Salt System is Penair and $600 more than the autopilot, and two he didn't really know anything at all about Heat pumps, he thought I was talking about plain electric heaters. They aren't very popular here in OK but I think it's my best option over propane.

Thanks for the info on the liners, and what you said is exactly what I fear the most. It's like trying to pick paint color off of one of those tiny samples in the store. You never know until the entire wall is painted what it will look like.

Finally, I hope I wasn't out of line posting pricing on my pool, I just know when I started on this endevor It was very hard to find pricing and I can see why now.


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May 30, 2007
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ptjackson said:
Finally, I hope I wasn't out of line posting pricing on my pool, I just know when I started on this endevor It was very hard to find pricing and I can see why now.

pt, I appreciate your taking the time to list all the information on cost and documenting the process of your pool build. More information can only be a good thing. TFPers love information :)



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Aug 11, 2007
Okay here's the update. Builder said he would start by the 20 somthing of Feb. Well I can't belive he started before he said he would. After the first week he had flagged the pool, dug it and put part of the walls up. Second Week he finished the walls, put in steps and buddy seat, cut the return lines, and poured concrete around the base.

Gotcha's to this point. They hit the line going to the septic line and I had to pay a plumber to come out and fix it ($450). After plumber came out there continued to be water pooling after the line was moved and the plumber swears to me that it's just ground water becuase of the slope of our yard. ( I hope he's right).

Questions left.

Pool guy is using flex pipe that's already onsite and I really don't want to have the fight with him over rigid PVC so my question is what are people's ideas how to midigate problems related to termites/leaks. Call Exterminator?

Still haven't picked a liner but getting close to picking one that matches our steps exactly.

I am thinking about pouring a 15X15 pad on the end shallow end of of the pool, on the width end of the pool. The other option is to pour between the porch and the pool however that means people will face the West and thus it will be very sunny and hot in the summer here in OK. By pouring on the end it's a little out of the way but better view of the pool, down the length and looking south so it's not as hot.

Any other suggestions appreciated

Here are the pics thus far remember it's a modest pool build in Rual Oklahoma. Well add over the years.
Pre dig

Pool Kit is Here !!!

Dig complete

Begin putting up walls

Plumbing problem

Plumbing $450 later

Walls, Concrete. thinking of adding the concrete pad on the end of this shot
The PVC sticking up will be concrete pillers to support deck

Hopfully more progress this week


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Apr 1, 2007
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That topography, soil and the trees really looks a lot like Eastern original home.

Two thoughts:

1. Hit your "Easy" button and try to convince your PB you really would like ridgid PVC. It absolutely shouldn't be expensive (little more labor, but not much material cost). It'll look better and you'll both be glad you changed.

2. We are constantly hiding from the sun when we're around our pool. The kids are bulletproof and don't care but we're planning a very large trellis soon to give us some poolside shade. It's really hard to get your decking in the "perfect" position but I would suggest the sun will be even more influential than you might currently be thinking.

That's gonna' be a nice looking pool. I like the shape and how it relates to the house. I miss that "big" view you get in the rural midwest. The 80' trees are everywhere here in NC......dropping 2-3 tons daily of leaves, twigs, pollen and everything else they can think of right in my pool!! :lol:


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Looking great. It sounds like your research is paying off too. Too bad about the septic line, but it seems rare that a pool is ever built without hitting some sort of utility line. :roll:

On the deck placement, my personal choice would be to put it between the house and the full length of the pool, if the budget allows. You could even tie it in with your existing porch. Down the road, you could come back and top the whole thing with peagravel, or a Sundek type of coating and it will look like one large uniform deck.

You can deal with the sun like Dave is doing with a trellis, or patio tables with umbrellas, etc. I look at it from a convenience factor. When you have friends over, are going in and out, or carrying a plate of grilled steaks, do you want to walk around the pool or be right at the back door. Whatever works for you will be best though.

Thanks for the pictures and keep 'em coming!