Now he wants a heater....


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Jul 25, 2010
Our pool was just installed on Sept.26th and my husband think we should look into getting a heater so we can use it longer. We got the pool mainly for my daughter who has cerebral palsey to use for leg PT and strength building. So what is the best ABG pool heater we can get thats really going to heat the water so that my daughter can use the pool longer during the year? I was thinking a solar type seat up would be good but this pool stuff is all new to me.


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Jul 19, 2010
We use a 150k BTU heater. Pools sitting at 97 right now for a cool night of swimming.


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Aug 1, 2008
Mendota Heights, MN
gqjeff said:
We use a 150k BTU heater. Pools sitting at 97 right now for a cool night of swimming.
That's not a pool, that's a 24' hot tub!
But I should not say much, mine was at 94 last night.
Back to the OP, I would think that Solar would be the way to go in your area. Once installed there is no additional cost like a heat pump or gas heater. (They can also be used to cool the pool at night if it gets to warm). But you do depend on sunshine to warm up your pool. A lot depends on where you can put the panels, do the looks of the panels bother you, how far away will they will be, can you install yourself...
Look at all the options, (ie: solar, heat pump, nat. gas, propane...) do a search here (bottom left corner) on heating.
Good luck!


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Jul 23, 2008
Wylie, Texas
We just use a solar cover. The short rain we had about 4 days ago brought our water down from 94 to 86. So, since it's close to the end of the season, we put the cover back on to get the temp back up and it's now at 97-98. So depending on what the weather does now, we can take it off to keep swimming on into September and put it back on when we're finished.

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