Not even sure it's the pump... but could it be the pump? Hayward SP2300VSP Max-Flo VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump.


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Apr 7, 2012

Thanks for all the help,

The tell was that it was coming out of the outlet side of the Jandy like a fire hose, and, at the same time, filling the slight window on the Hayward when doing so.

It was an obstruction in the outlet side @ the pool. Funny enough, there is nothing in the mega shop-vac... so I'm not certain what that obstruction is or was... and I don't think I care. LOL. There are no trees, etc. in the area... so... Yay.

Thanks again for the help... even the "what's a Jandy or a Hayward" comments. They made me laugh. :)
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Jul 14, 2014
What no one has addressed is that the SP2300VSP is a medium-head pump. They are great for moving a lot of water when there is little restriction but the flow drops off much faster than with a high-head pump when there is. A dirty or worn-out filter cartridge can cause the issue that is being experienced. A 100 sq. ft. filter is considered very small by today's standards. Replacing the cartridge would be a great start if it is older than 3 years. A new, larger filter would be better.
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