No water flow beeping intermittently- need help

Feb 18, 2017
My AUTOCHLOR RP36t chlorinator has been beeping with No water flow light on intermittently for more than 2 weeks (the chlorinate output indicators goes off when it is beeping). I cleaned cells with dilute acid water weekly and I also have cleaned skimmer basket/strainer basket. The hardest part to fix this error is the beeping comes on and off intermittently. I have called pool shop technician came to check twice once it started beeping. But both time it resumed working properly before the arrival of the technician. Can anyone help to advise which part of the pool system goes wrong ? Thanks.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Welcome to TFP.. A Great resource for all your pool related questions... :snorkle:

I am not familiar with your specific SWCG, but really do not want to be cleaning it with MA on a weekly basis. Each time you clean it, you shorten its lifespan...

As far as the failure goes a couple of things pop into my mind..

1. If you have a variable speed pump, you may be running it too slowly to move enough water. If you are right on the edge, it would look intermittent.

2. If your filter is dirty, it can reduce the water flow enough to turn on the flow light.

3. It could also be a faulty flow switch. Is your flow switch part of your cell or is it a separate unit?

What type of filter and pump do you have, and what is the filter pressure when running?

Thanks for posting,

Jim R.