Newbie with valve and maintenance questions...


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May 3, 2021
Marietta, GA
Hey folks! Just purchased a new home with a pool. Don't know the first thing about it so I have some questions:

  1. What are these valves for? How / when do I operate them? IMG_1266.jpegIMG_1257.jpegIMG_1256.jpeg
  2. The pump motor seems pretty loud when it is on. What would be the ideal Db range during normal operation? Is this pump sufficient for the size of the pool we have and / or should it be replaced based on age or power?IMG_1268.jpeg
  3. This skimmer faceplate is discolored with what I thought was mold or algae. It has also made its way inside the skimmer housing. I tried scrubbing away at it but nothing doing. It is also on one of the circlating jets. Any ideas on how to get rid of that stain or does it just need to be replaced?IMG_1261.jpeg
Thank you in advance for your help and assistance!

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Welcome to TFP! :wave: The valves just before the pump and after the filter are there so you can close the lines when you need to do maintenance at the pad to prevent water from gushing-out at the pad. When you line-up the flat side that says OFF to a pipe, it closes off water flow to that pipe. You'll close those valves when you open the clear lid at the pump to clean the strainer pot. Also know that the O-ring under that clear lid should always have a nice coating of pool silicone - never petroleum jelly. Always turn off the pump when changing the setting on the filter's multiport valve (MPV). Your pool appears to be slightly over-filled since the water level is over the skimmer. You ideally want it to about halfway to 3/4 up that opening. You can lower your water level by changing the MPV on the filter to WASTE. I believe your pump probably sounds loud because it appears to be a single speed motor. Many people today have 2-speeds (low & high) or "variable" speed pumps. We can address that more later.

For now, I'd save & read the following link and sub-articles within it. Lots of great info there. For any questions, just let us know.