Newbie setting up 1st pool


New member
Jun 23, 2020
North Wales
I've just bought a 12ft Bestway Steel Pro above ground pool. I completely leveled my ground 1st. Constructed the frame and smoothed out the pool floor. Checked all legs and top of the pool with spirit level and all fine. As I'm filling the pool the legs keep moving in (about 2-4inches). When I pull 1 leg straight the band round the pool that the legs go in pulls tight on the leg next to it and pulls that 1 in. I must have watched 20 videos on setting up these pools and none of them cover this, they just say put the frame up and fill the pool, you might need to straighten a leg or 2 by a centimetre here and there. Can anyone offer any advice, will the legs just eventually sit right once its full if I keep moving them (pool about 12 inches deep at the time of righting this)? It almost seems like the band that goes round the pool is to tight. Thank you