newbie pool opening


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Aug 3, 2016
syracuse NY
I bought my pool last year-found this forum and I have been happy ever since! Closed the pool myself in the fall and followed TFP directions, all levels tested perfect, the pool has been crystal clear all winter. In December I removed the winter cover due to the amount of water that was pooling on it, I had a terrible time with siphons, and my brother in law (who has owned a pool for 20 plus years told me he does this) said he removes his winter cover in December and puts a leaf screen on. So I did this. Last Friday I checked the water temperature (under leaf screen) and was surprised it was over 60-which means algae can form, I was going to wait until this weekend to open it since it was still clear.
Yesterday we got a lot of rain, I looked at the water this AM and it is cloudy probably from pollen? It's not green, but I don't want to wait and plan on hooking up the filter, filling the pool with water to the basket, and turning that on TONIGHT. My question is-should I run the filter by itself for a few days, or should I turn the salt-cell on and see if it needs salt? Should I test the water with my kit and see what the levels are? Slam? Shock? I am not sure where to start?


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Apr 17, 2010
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I'd take FC to match whatever your CYA level is, run the filter all night and do an OCLT. That'll let you know if it organic or not.