Newbie here w/ a question re: Steel walls w/ liner or Concrete walls with liner?


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Jun 7, 2019
Hi all, like the title says :) We are in the process of getting estimates for a new pool and have decided on Vinyl liner. One of the installers we interviewed does both steel walls and concrete walls and we are leaning towards the concrete walls. My question is long term, is replacing a liner in a concrete-walled pool a unique or difficult process compared to steel walled? I understand there may be an upcharge because they have to add the padding underneath but by my research, they do not seem as common as steel walled. My fear is that I will be at the mercy of the company who is doing the install to do any liner repair or replacement down the road. They've been in business forever but even Toys R Us closed up shop. If it is pretty straight forward and any reputable pool reno company can do it then that will ease my mind to know in 10 years or so I'll have options. - thanks in advance for any insight!


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Jul 18, 2013
I have a concrete wall vinyl liner pool - 6 years old - love it. Something about the strength and longevity of steel reinforced concrete strikes me. i'm in Kansas City suburbs. You are right on the padding but replacement of the liner is straight forward - concrete walls or steel. I have a pool crete bottom as opposed to a sand bottom which I believe will make liner installation easier in the future. Also mine is only 5 ft deep. Pictures attached. A friend of mine just replaced his own liner last week (steel walls) - did it himself - said it was easy and saved a lot of money. The only other thing would be if you have integrated concrete steps / benches that adds a little complexity to the liner - but it looks great!


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Aug 10, 2017
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Steel will rot down the road if you have alot of groundwater but they can last 40-50 years with maintenence. Concrete can last longer but the upfront cost matters. Both are good and been around a long time


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Jul 18, 2013
My personal experience 3 quotes - 3 different builders - concrete was lower than steel and fiberglass - just my experience.
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