Newb question: cleaning an agp mess


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Jun 4, 2019
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An acquaintance (no, really) got an above ground pool last summer (I think 15' round) and stopped caring for it in the fall. It went green, and she mostly drained it. Now it's empty with a gross layer of green gunk everywhere. Looks so unpleasant as to make one think of trashing it and starting over. I'm thinking that the right approach would be to pour a bottle of bleach into it and hose it down, maybe partially fill and then drain. Hopefully get to a more manageable mess. Thoughts/recommendations?

Thanks for answering something that probably has been answered over and over.


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Jan 17, 2012
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I would hate to see that pool go into the landfill unnecessarily! It can be saved, as long as it hasn't been damaged by remaining empty all this time?

The green sludge is just algae, and you're right...some bleach will help it enormously. You can add some water (like 3' or so) now and a gallon of bleach, brush it all over and then using a sump pump empty that out. Don't drain it entirely though as we don't want to risk causing the liner to shift out of place.

Not knowing if its going to hold water or not the only way to test that is to fill it. We can fix green on a filled pool almost as easy as an empty pool.

Start by reading this--> ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry and this SLAM Process

Ask tons of questions and we'll answer them as they come up :)

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