New to TFP system...not sure what to do next


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Apr 27, 2020
Brighton, CO
Hi there! I'm Joy, and brand new to TFP. This is the 3rd summer we've had our pool. To date, I've used chemicals from In The Swim...found your site over the winter and excited to try the TFP system. Pool is open and I've been using the pool math app. My results are below...just not sure what to do next. Usually, I just buy a pool opening kit - follow the directions and go from there. Thanks so much in advance for helping a newbie... Excited to find this community!

First testing - May 30th
FC 1.2
CC 0.2
pH 7.4
TA 180
CH 260
Temp - 69
CSI -.04

May 31 - added 136 oz 6% bleach

June 1 - added 120 oz 10% bleach

June 2 - 7am - added 128 oz 6% bleach

Today - June 2 - 5:55pm
FC 3.6
CC 4.0
pH 7.6
TA 180
CH 330
CYA 57
Temp - 74
CSI 0.30


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With a high CC it looks like you need a SLAM. Read SLAM Process and determine your SLAM level of chlorine from FC/CYA Chart. You'll also need to lower your pH to 7.2 before the SLAM. Don't worry about testing pH during a SLAM -- the chlorine level is too high to get a good reading.

Brush, brush, brush and vac, vac, vac. Test your chlorine levels at least three times a day and add as needed to maintain SLAM levels. Check all the little nooks and crannies where algae might hide. Keep SLAMming until you pass the Three Criteria: OCLT less than or equal to 1, CC less than 1, water is crystal clear.

Good luck!
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Apr 27, 2020
Brighton, CO
Thanks for your reply. Here’s a photo of the water. It’s way more clear now - Sunday you couldn’t see the bottom - but still very off color. Yes, the reading was a 4...not. .4. But honestly, I’m not super sure I am correctly doing the test. I’m following the directions and they are pretty simple. But here’s a question - when I do the FC/CC test and the water is supposed to turn clear - is it as soon as it turns clear? Or when it stays clear? Because I can get it clear for the FC number, but then when you let it sit for 10 seconds it turns pink again. I kept going until it stopped turning pink. So, if I did that wrong, my FC number may be wrong and high and that would then make my CC number wrong and high. Does that make sense?

Also, to complicate matters, we are heading out of town for a week. Clearly I can’t start the slam process and leave...right? I don’t even have acid to lower the pH today. Lol - we have always had a low pH problem in the past so I prepared by buying plenty of baking soda. Lol.1E2934F8-CA0F-4242-9E3E-B12C8DF68455.jpeg9F41A0BB-A61A-40EA-8B99-C2DB52708C88.jpeg


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Jan 6, 2010
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The first time it turns clear is the correct reading. Then you immediately go to the CC test. If it turns pink (sometimes it doesn't) after a few minutes, you don't care.

I'd pull that ladder. Check the pictures
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