New Suntouch Software?

I have a few questions about My new Suntouch Controller.

This is a complete new Pentair System, Liner, Pump, Filter, Solar Panels, IC40 and Suntouch Controller running in Pool/Spa (single body of water) Mode. the pump is set up as a single speed Pump.

I have several things that don't match the manual on my Controller such as:
1. the Display reads "LOW" where the manual states that it should read "POOL".
2. There is no "pool" option listed in the list for selecting this. The list has "hi" and "low" for the Pool Cir. Pump. (HI/LOW Pump speed perhaps?)
3. on the Solar Menu there are is a option for cooling with the Start/stop temp. settings. Nothing in the manual for this either.

I recall reading a post here that the Pentair System is NOT real user friendly and the referance to "Circuit" is misleading in the manual.

This Looks to me to be New Features for display of the two speed pump status and Night cooling program, added after the Manual information.

This system appears to be working nicly except that the IC40 wants to run at Super Chlor.. mode. I currently have it at 0% and 0 run time as I am drawing down the C after shocking yesterday.

anybody know if this is the case?


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May 20, 2007
South Central NJ
Sounds like you have a 2 speed pump.

Turn Superchlorinate off.

Set Cell Power to ON and set the power as appropriate. When you manually shock, leave the cell power alone. Any excess will still go away on it's own.

Hey Scott,
Thanks for responding :goodjob:

The pump is the single speed 1 HP Superflow Model 340038.

the suntouch is not set for super clorinate mode.

Good advice on the shocking in the future. For this first shock I thought I would leave the SWG off till I got the C down before I started getting the SWG adjusted. sort of a KISS.

any thoughts on new features?
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