New Semi inground build, need thoughts on equipment.


Mar 26, 2016
So our intex is wearing out and we decided that we would go for something more permanent. Inground was not in the budget so, we are going with an AGP sunk 24”. Please give me your thoughts on this stuff. Thanks!

18 x 33 oval monument extruded aluminum sunk 24” dig down to 6.5’ deep end with vermiculite bottom and hopper liner

1.5 HP pump Hayward (could go with 2 hp if equipment is placed further than 20 feet from pool) he said it’s a single speed should I ask for two speed? PB says a single speed with a timer functions as a two speed.

Sand filter Hayward
Nano plus SWG
Confer stairs with add on
1 skimmer 2 returns (should I as for a second skimmer?)
Lighting—PB said there are some neat led lights that fit in a return. I was confused how that would work so I will have to ask about them. I do want lights in the pool.

We will be having a deck built around the pool after it’s installed. Am I forgetting anything? Should I consider a heater?


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May 3, 2014
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For the pump, get a two speed. And no, a timer does not make the single speed pump a two speed. Your electricity bill will be far lower as you will be running your pump more for the SWCG.

The SWCG needs to be sized for 2X the pool water volume.

Get the biggest sand filter you can.

Have fun!
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Apr 1, 2018
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18x33 by design will do fine with one skimmer but two would be better, insure one is down wind from your prevailing winds of not both. Also, insure you have valves installed so you are able to shut one down to use the other for vacuuming.
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