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Jul 18, 2015
Zeeland MI
So we moved into a new house this past year and we are going to pull the trigger on a 16x32 vinyl inground. We narrowed it down to 2 builders and I am torn. See the main differences below. Everything not shown below is the same or comparable between builders.

Builder 1
- Polymer frame
- Hayward VS Omni pump ( automation built in?)
- solid bottom (cork?)
- $5000 more

Builder 2
- Steel frame
- Supermax Variable pump. Automation control separate (pentair EasyTouch)
- 2 inch vermiculite bottom
- $5000 less

Both builders seem reputable and have a similar time frame for install. Builder 1 seemed a bit more reputable if I had to pick based on that.
My main concerns are whether the differences listed are worth $5000 or if I would be better off sticking the extra into my fence.
Should I be worried about rust with a steel frame? Is the Hayward pump controller a better option than a separate pentair controller? Why the heck is it $1400 to add a light. Lol.
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May 23, 2015
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I would say this - if you go with Builder #2 and you get the Easytouch automation, then that should be paired with a Pentair Intelliflo VSP NOT the SuperMax.

Also, if your ground water is high in your area, I think I’d choose a vermiculite base (essentially porous cement) over some kind of non-permeable base....never heard of using cork before :unsure: