New pool plumbing at the pad - Best Practices needed


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Jun 15, 2013
Boston, MA
Hi all -

I'm installing new PVC pipes at the pad and have the opportunity to do it right from the get-go. Pool has 2 skimmers that merge to 1 line, 2 return jets that merge to 1 line, 1 return jet from the old booster pump for the Polaris cleaner, and a main drain: 4 pipes that lead to the pad. I also have an electric heat pump. Pool originally had 1.5" black poly pipes that I have transition to 1.5" PVC. I live in Massachusetts so the equipment is disconnected each winter.

Can you please tell me:

- ideal places to place unions for the return jets and suction side
- type of valves to use and where
- ideas for a backwash pipe to lead away from the pad area
- port for blowing out the pipes for the winter

Pictures are worth a thousand words!

Thank you.

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Checkout the link below with its embedded links as well. Those might help you get started.


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