New Pool Opened.. First Test - 2nd day after fill.

Feb 16, 2021
Courtice, Ontario, Canada
Pool Size
Salt Water Generator
SWG Type
Pentair Intellichlor IC-40
A jug of liquid Chlorine was added by pool guy while pool was filling.
When Pool was full it sat 24 hours with no filter as Electrical was needed.
Last Eventing, when Filter got started.. we added another Jug of liquid Chlorine + 2 Super Pucks to Skimmer Basket

Tonight ( 24 hours later ) I did my first test.

Taylor K-2006C

FC = .8ppm
pH = 7.5
TA = 100
CH =100
CYA = 0 .. nothing
CSI = -.52
Temp = 72 degrees... heater is on...

Which part to tackle first? - I have no chlorine on hand.. so will be heading somewhere tomorrow to find some.
Pool Math is saying 1 Jug of Bleach would be enough... we are expecting 30+ degree weather over the next week and I expect to Raise the Pool Temp into the mid 80s.

The pool company left Tubs of:
Mursatt Stabiliser sticks ( 250g/stick ) 2.5kg total weight.
Mursatt Super Pucks ( 200g /each )
Mursatt Ph Down
Mursatt Buffer

The Pool is not quite complete the job.. but operationally they kind of are.
I took on the task of getting my own Intellicenter.. and it still has not arrived yet.. ( therefore no SWG transformer .. Hence NO Salt yet )


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Jun 8, 2019
Milwaukee, WI
Pool Size
Liquid Chlorine
Numbers look good except for CYA and chlorine. Get 30 ppm going to start and get your FC up with some liquid chlorine. Looks good otherwise. :)
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