New Pool fixture and wiring diagram


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Mar 26, 2017
I am installing a new Pentair Intellibrite LED light 120 V. My old light had corrosion and also the GFCI was tripping. The electrician just capped off wires until I could order my new pool light. He also re-did some wiring as things were mis-wired in there from the get-go. I have and x-10 switch that controls the pool light on and off. My pool panel box gets fed from the main breaker panel and in turn feeds several relay switches in there that control the pump and light on and off breakers. I am going to wire the pool light back in there. There is also a plug in receptacle in the mix that would also be tied to the GFCI. So I have the GFCI, pool light, receptacle and X-10 switch in this drawing. Could someone please tell me if this looks right?