New Pool - Decking Options in Georgia


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Apr 21, 2017
Alpharetta, GA
First time pool guy looking for advice on decking in Georgia. We love the modern look and were considering concrete decking to give it a California feel. But, we are concerned about cracking... any advice on decking would be appreciated.


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Cement *cracks*.... not if, but where. But it also has a lot of things going for it too.

Tell us a little about your pool, and house style? Pics even better.

We're pretty good at spending your money :)

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Mar 6, 2017
I'm in Atlanta and we just changed our mind from cement to pavers. Still trying to sort out the ones, but there are some we like by Belgard. Given our sloped yard and the resulting settling, I figure we'd end up with a crack eventually. I know it would drive me crazy!


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Apr 7, 2015
Houston, Texas
I love pavers for that very reason. Cracked patios always drove me a little mad. I just don't look at my 28 year-old concrete driveway.

I love the back of your house, and your pool design will be perfect - great lines! I love (and have) Travertine pavers - to me they can go modern or give an old world/cottage/natural feel depending on the lines of the pool and landscaping. A silver travertine would be stunning with your house color. When I was shopping about 2 years ago, Belgard had some lovely grays or near concrete color in more modern patterns. Some even looked much like travertine. Both travertine and concrete pavers are usually installed the same way. You can find lots of pictures here on TFP, Pinterest, Houzz, etc to get some inspiration. I've seen some beautiful gray/silver decks recently on TFP. If you're interested and need help finding them, let me know.

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Jane Smith

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Sep 17, 2017
Hi newpoolguy70 We also live in Alpharetta and are in the beginning stages of gathering quotes for a pool. Do you mind me asking who you ended up using? So far we have one quote from Peach State and have phone calls into Swimtime and Aquadesign.



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Jul 5, 2017
Wylie, Texas
I agree a silver/gray travertine would look beautiful with your house color. Are you thinking you will overlay your existing covered patio? We went with Belgard pavers because we were worried about cracks in concrete. Would have like to do travertine but I was a little concerned about how slick they would be wet and it was a pretty expensive upgrade over Belgard pavers.

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