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Mar 13, 2017
Oakley, CA
Hi! We are really having a hard time getting quotes for our pool. Companies either don't call back or don't want to take the time to come out and give an estimate.

Does anyone know of a good company, reasonably priced, to consider?

I live in Oakley, anyone that services this area would be good..

Thank you you so much!!


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Jul 10, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
How sad :( you have money and want a pool and they don't want to take it. I would keep calling until you find 3 or so that will show up. Are there any pools going up where you are? Go visit the site and talk to the trades. Find out who they work for and go from there.

Good luck!



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Feb 24, 2015
Santa Cruz, CA
Two years ago we had a similar situation like you are having. I guess in Northern California there are some companies that are too busy. Also, since we are not in a pool required to live climate, and such a high cost of living area, I think they pick and choose what they do and when...:confused:

Since you are closer to Sacramento there might be different pool builders than the companies we found. Being in the Bay Area means they can charge a premium and get work. However, most of our subs came from Tracy, Livermore, and as far away as Petaluma. So I would be that the Central Valley companies use some of the same subs, and should have better rates???

Iceman 21

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Jan 31, 2017
Sacramento, Ca
Being in the Sacramento area we had the same issue 3 years ago when we built our pool. Had bout 3 or 4 companies not call back. Even had 2 come out, take measurements than never got back to us with cost or designs. This was in the fall so I doubt they were too busy. Good luck