New Pool Build - Northern Virginia


May 30, 2020
Ashburn, VA
Hey all!

Thanks to everyone for your help in figuring out a few decisions (see our previous thread here). Our dig started last week--we originally were going to do a sport pool, but after the advice from members on this site as well as watching our kids spend all their time on our neighbors diving board, we decided to go to 9'. And we made it 50' x 22' since we wanted to keep as much of a shallow end as possible. We'll keep this thread posted with our progress! And I'm sure we'll have more questions as well! :)



May 30, 2020
Ashburn, VA
Ok, so I already have a question. :)

We have to place the lights tomorrow. PB says we need 3 large lights for the main pools and 3 small for the tanning ledge (all color), and more in the spa (don't remember how many). PB quotes Globrites but we're looking at Intellibrites and Microbrites. A few questions:

(1) we read somewhere that the colors of the Intellibrites and Microbrites don't match--can anyone speak to that? We noticed the Intellibrite comes in 120V or 12V options, and thought maybe the 12V would match the Microbrite better? In trying to solve that, we thought maybe we could do only Microbrites in the entire pool since we could later swap them out, but then read they only cast light for 11-12', and our pool is 22' wide. So we'd have to have lights on both sides, which we don't want lights to do.

(2) where would you actually place them? The first two Intellibrites seem easier to place since one will go in the deep end and another in the middle, but we aren't sure where to put the one by the tanning ledge area since it curves. Also, my wife is thinking to keep all the lights at the same height across the pool--18" down from water depth. I was thinking the lights need to go deeper in the deep end.

(3) For the stairs, we are having 'cake' steps come down on both sides of the tanning ledge. My wife doesn't want any tile on the tread, so we're wondering how to light them up well to make it clear at night where each step is. Any thoughts on how to do this? Do people put small lights on each riser light you would on set of deck stairs? Our PB said we should put a light on the side of our pool to light them up, but not sure about that idea.



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Jul 10, 2012
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You are not lighting up the pool as much as casting a soft glow so you can see the steps and pretty water. I WOULD have one by both sets of steps to be safe. Then one by the deep end and middle of the pool. The step ones should cast enough light on the shelf if they are high enough. I would also ask to control them in sets so you can turn on and off as wanted depending on the mood you want.


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Jul 16, 2012
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How's the project going? I love the size you ended up with.
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