New liner installation wrong??? I need help

Im finally almost done with my pool renovation I just had a new vinyl liner installed in my pool. The problem I'm having is the liner is not flush against my walls in the four corners of the pool I've been told that over time with sun and temperature chane that it will stretch into place. I believe they are 6 inch corners and they said its almost impossible to get the liner flush against the corners. And also there is a wrinkle in the shallow end corner. Is this acceptable from a pool company being that I paid them to install the liner. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.



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Jan 17, 2012
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I'd venture to say that liner is too small. If it is to soften and stretch, then won't it also be weaker in that area? I am not a liner expert but no liner install I've seen here looks like *that* and I'd be asking for a re-make.

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Ok thanks, I know its hard to tell from the picture but the liner in that corner is about 4 inches away from the wall and its it's already stretched really tight and it already has a couple spots where its slightly popped out of the coping. And the other 3 corners are stretched tight as well. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated thanks.


They also started putting water in the pool on September 4th and they still have not come to install the pump yet. So the water has just been sitting for 2 weeks 4 days and still counting. So the water is starting to turn a darker color. I'm no expert but wouldn't it make since to have the pump and filter ready before you fill the pool up. So that you start off with good clean, clear water instead of starting with discolored dirty water.



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Jul 18, 2018
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My liner is not flush against the walls in the corners either. My pool is 2.5 years old and didn’t think anything of it when they installed the liner. It has not stretched back into place but I thought this was normal. I have had no problems with the liner popping out of the coping. Don’t know if this is good or bad but wanted you to know you are not alone.



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pool_medic I think is on the money. mis-measured and it won't go back. Mine was mis-measured in the opposite.......too big.

The liner company stood behind their mistake and replaced my ($1400) custom liner.......very ethical folks.

If they insist it will stretch (it won't), ask them to warrant it and if it is not back in place in XXX months, they will replace it.

They may balk at that, too, so document what you can because you will need a new liner. If you haven't paid in full, don't.
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Nov 8, 2011
A 6" radius corner will never set into the corner. That is one of the reasons we recommend 2' radius or 4' radius corners. Liners always seem to fit those. It has nothing to do with mismeasuring it has to do with the way the liner is made


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I replied to your PM. My take is a 6" corner never sits well but that is extreme. It's a little short and stretching the sides to the corner with liner lock keeping corner looser is the way to go. I just noticed your pool isn't full either. We overfill 6" radius pools to almost the coping and then cut in any fittings wet setting them. You need the water weight to snug them. Once returns and skimmers are cut it's over unless somehow they are in center walls of pool. Have them honor it to redo in late spring if it doesn't settle in. Also you mentioned a wrinkle. I wouldnt ask for a payment with a wrinkle I'd be embarrased
It was 90 degrees the day it was installed and 80-90 degrees for 2 weeks after the install. Im going to talk to the pool company in person today about the situation with the liner and the wrinkle to let them know that this is unacceptable and I'm also going to tell them they need to get the pump out asap because my water has just been sitting there for 3 weeks as of tomorrow and that the water is nasty and changing color and that I expect them to come vacuum and get the water as clean as it was when it went in.