new liner 18'ft x54" vinyl


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Nov 27, 2017
my son has a 18 ft x 54" above ground . water level 48 "so 7600 gal for now i am going over to test his fill water and get him started the TFP way . He asked me about his return he took it off the old liner it had 2 gaskets on the out side of pool none on inside. The threads had a sticky clear stuff on them i dont know if that is the right way why 2 gaskets outside ? and what is the sticky stuff on threads? thanks for input .
i know his water will be better than ever this year cus i just gave him liquid chlorine and 2 pounds of cya to start and cus im ordering him a tf100 :p


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Jul 11, 2012
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I would ask this question over at above ground pools as they may know more about this. I wonder if the parts list with pictures will show how it should be?