New Kreepy Krauly swivel leaks. intentional?

Apr 16, 2017
The issue - the swivel on my new KK is leaking, and before I return it, I wanted to know if this is expected behavior. For example, when I pull just the swivel out of the water massive amounts of air are immediately sucked into the suction line. Is that normal?

I've scoured the Internet and these forums. Hoped to find someone pulling a suction-side KK from a pool to see if it was similar to mine. Can't find anything which makes me think it might "just be me" and I need to return it.

Specific model number: Pentair 360042 Kreepy Krauly

I took some videos I can post if that will help. Or maybe it is as simple as a "heck no, yours is broken".



Silver Supporter
Jul 29, 2016
I believe I have the same behavior (and have had it ever since I got my KK 17 years ago) as it will suck air if the swivel comes out of the water.. As a result, I always try to keep the swivel under the water level when I have to pull it up while it's in operation.