New Jersey - IG - Cover Ripped


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Mar 15, 2017
Lincoln Park, NJ
So with all the heavy snow we received here in NJ yesterday, my safety cover ripped at a seam and now i can see clear into the pool.

I'm new to this pool and house, we just bought in December. I have no idea how old the cover is, but it is showing its age. I suspect there is a slow leak in the liner and this caused the water level to drop (shame on me for not checking before the storm) and the weight of the snow on the cover, with so much space to travel until lit hit the water, caused the rip.

My question is this:

Considering the cover failure, what are my best options for the rest of the winter?

Should i just let it go and pull the cover early? Mid-April? I'm not against this, im eager to get a look under there and get it into shape.
Should i invest in a tarp style cover for the rest of the year? I would prefer not to, as i will replace the safety cover with a new one when it is time to close.


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Jul 21, 2011
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First things first.........WELCOME TO TFP!!!

At this point I wouldn't stress much over the cover as this Winter should be coming to a close. Here in about 3 weeks it should stay warm enough that many of the TFP regulars on the East Coast will open and start to enjoy their water. The only thing I would look into is if you have a lot of trees in the area. If so I would recommend a leaf cover to help keep leaves out of the pool.

Before I can suggest how to maintain the water I'd need to ask, does it look clear or is it a mess?? Orrrr is it a solid block of ice?? :)