New Intelliflo VS schedule?


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Apr 9, 2020
I just got an Intelliflo VS installed and am wondering what is a good schedule. I have a 16 v 32 pool with now water features. It has a deep end and a shallow end. The only extra I have is a Polaris robot to clean my pool that is connected to its own small pump. I was thinking of a schedule something like this....
low RPM (750) from 10pm - 6am,
high RPM (3100) from 6am - 10am,
medium RPM (1500) 10am - 3pm,
High RPM (3100) 3pm - 5PM,
Medium RPM (1500) 5pm - 10pm.

Any pros/cons to this schedule. I think this will work with my work schedule. It will filter slowly at night then ramp up to high for a few hours before I am free to swim to really clean the the surface and then go to medium while I am swimming.


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Jul 7, 2014
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There is no right or wrong answer here, it just depends on what you want to do..

I have an IntelliFlo, that runs 24/7 and it never goes above 2000 RPM.. Most of the time running at 1200 RPM.

The reason that I run 24/7 is that I have a SWCG and like generating a little chlorine all the time, and I like the idea of constant skimming. There is no requirement to run 24/7, it is just something that I like to do.

One reason for a VS pump is to save money on the electrical bill. The faster you run, the more it costs, and the louder the pump is. This is why I do not run at anything faster than 2000, unless I have my rarely used waterfall on.

I would not run less than 1000 RPM, as I doubt you will get much skimming.

All that said, it is your pool and no one here can tell you the perfect set up.. You will just need to experiment to find what works best for you and your pool.


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Apr 10, 2018
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This article may help you decide on a schedule. I run my pump 5-8 hours per day depending on the season. I doubt you need to run your pump 6 hours per day at 3100 rpm, but as Jim mentioned, you're in the best position to decide. Keep in mind, energy use increases disproportionately at higher speeds. At 1600 rpm my pump consumes about 275 kwh. At 3200 rpm it consumes about 2200 kwh. It takes 700% more energy to run the pump twice as fast. Something to consider as you set your runtimes/speeds.


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Jul 17, 2019
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At your low RPM (750) does it generate enough suction to hold your skimmer weir doors down? If it does, great, I would go with that schedule.
If not, I would find out what that magic rpm is for your skimmers and SWCG (if you have one) and use that as your low RPM. In my mind there is no benefit to running on low if you are not skimming and generating chlorine.


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Apr 1, 2020
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I've been going through the whole time run dilemma myself. We have intelliflo vs also. Here's what I ended up doing. We have solar on our home, so I decided to run schedule @ Flow 55GM 8am-4pm during production hours. Then I set 2nd schedule @ Flow 55GPM 8pm-9:30pm and am adding my chlorine during that time after the sun is off the water and am running during off peak power times. I have a rebel floor & wall vac that I am running on the 3hour quick clean cycle about every 3rd day. I'll also hit that if we want the water feature on.