New Fiberglass Pool first test results


May 13, 2020
North Carolina
Hello all,

Been lurking on TFP for quite a while while waiting for our fiberglass to be installed. They just filled the pool yesterday and here are the results of my first test using the TF-100 assuming I am doing ever right:

FC: 2.5
CC: 2.5
Ph: 7.5
TA: 40
CH: 250
CYA: Less than 20


Texas Splash

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Welcome to TFP and congrats on the new pool. :wave: Even better, having TF-100 results right away. :goodjob: So, first order of business is ensure the CYA is a bit higher for your SWG. The SWG may not be on yet because of the need to add salt and wait 24 hrs, so if you are treating the pool as a non-salt pool for now, that's fine. Hopefully the salt is in a dissolved. But you will want at least 70 ppm of CYA for a salt pool which helps your hold chlorine better. Perhaps increase by about 40 ppm just to ensure you don't over-shoot your goal. Watch the FC and don't let it fall any lower. Monitor pump run time and output % to maintain the proper FC level. See FC/CYA Chart. Your TA is a bit low. Some baking soda with a TA goal of 60 should be fine for now.

That's where I would start them simply monitor for a few days. Enjoy your new playground. :swim: