New DIY inground pool- Need advice on Pump, filter and SWC


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Jun 25, 2017
Birmingham, AL
Hi there! Wanting to see if I can get some advice on a few things. I am purchasing a pool kit for a 20X44 pool that holds approx 38K gallons of water. They have put together a pool kit for me and I wanted to see if it all looked good to you guys:

1. Pump- Hayward Ecostar VS Pump
2. Filter- Hayward 30" Top Mount Pro Sand Filter
3. SWC- Hayward Aqua Plus 4 Functional Salt System

I did have another person put together a kit for me with the following:
1. Pump- Hayward Tristar VSP Pump
2. Filter- Hayward 24 " Sand Filter
3. SWC- Hayward PL Plus Salt System

Thanks for any advice to this pool newbie.



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Feb 3, 2014
Central Minnesota
Pump: VS pumps are nice to have control over flow rates and save $ on electricity by running at lower speeds, especially when the pump has to be running when the SWG is operating to produce chlorine. I would say a 1.5 HP VS pump would be enough for your pool, unless you have extra water features like deck jets or waterfalls. Then you may want to go up to a 2 HP pump.

Filter: If you're going sand, go as large as you can. I would certainly go with the 30" filter or even larger. It's hard to oversize a filter too much and especially with over 35K gallons, the bigger the better.

SWG: It's best to have a SWG cell that's oversized for your pool volume. I would look for a SWG that's rated for 60K gallons for your pool. I think the largest residential SWG offered by Hayward is rated for 40K. There are some commercial cells but those may not be available/practical for your builder. Pentair offers residential SWG cells that are rated for 60K gallons, so that would be a good option.