New "California Smoke" Pool Deck is HOT


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Jul 22, 2019
Pasadena TX
Hi everyone. We just finished a pool and deck remodel. The old deck was Kool Deck and was never hot in the Texas sun. However, the new deck gets very hot in the afternoon. We chose "California Smoke" color and were under the assumption that it would be about the same as the old deck but I was wrong. I can either learn to live with this or, does anyone know if I can repaint my deck with actual Kool Deck paint, at this stage? Will that even help? My deck crew and Pool Contractor haven't been much help with this issue and I certainly do not want to pay them again to make this deck feel comfortable all day long in the Texas heat. I sure wish I had known this was not an actual Kool Deck product before work began. Screenshot_20190730-052307_Chrome.jpg


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Mar 25, 2018
Chandler Arizona
Hi Cher, welcome to TFP.

When you say you had the deck remodeled, did they replace the decking? Or just new paint?
Kool deck is not a paint, but rather a special top coat. Although you can paint Kool Deck, it’s never as cool as it was without a layer of paint.