New build in NC would welcome feedback and any photos of an aztec barley liner


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Apr 29, 2017
shelby NC
Hello from NC.
We are in the beginning stages of our build. We are having a rectangle 18X36 pool with 42 inches for the shallow area and 8.5-9ft for the deep end ( which we are still discussing specifics). We have a son who at 12 is 5ft 10 so having a safe area for jumping and diving is important so I feel like we will go for 9. We will have two color changing led lights, a Hayward filter and motor ( saltwater chlorine generator type).
Our PB gave us a backyard escapes book and I wondered if anyone else had chosen this type of "kit" before where you choose the size, liner, and accessories from them and could give feedback. We love that the steps will be incorporated under the liner to give a seamless look to the pool.
My only concerns so far are that the liner I really wanted was a gold pebble or tan pebble with no tile or one called santa cruz. Because these are ordered in kits it would have cost extra to do that instead of going with their jewelscape or sandscape lines. We wanted a blue green water color but I believe will go with Aztec barley which will be more of a green.
Does anyone have this liner or have you used any of the liners from this series and could give feedback?
Thank you so much!

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Feb 14, 2017
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I don't have much info on the liners but I will just throw an idea in for the depth
My pool is about 34ft close to 35 and we went 4ft-7ft. I am tall and my family is some pretty decent sized people. I can tell you the slope of my pool is a nice gradual one but if you go from 3.6ft to 9ft you will have a HUGE slope and end up with very little shallow end.
I like the depth , however, the 2 things you should consider is going with a deeper shallow end like 4ft especially if everyone is tall and maybe going down to 8ft or extending the pool another 4ft in length if your yard and budget allows if you are set on 9ft.
Good luck on the build and I'm sure there will be more that come to give their advise and expertise.
We also like pictures and plans so please do share :)

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Jul 5, 2016
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I would most definitely go for a 48 inch side wall to give you a deeper shallow end. Also extend 4 feet if you can. Having a depth change like you're talking about will leave you with very, very little shallow end and an impossibly steep slope. Our neighbors did the same size and shape pool with 42 inch side walls down to 7 feet and they have maybe 8 or 9 feet of shallow before the slope starts. A grey liner will give you a blue-green water.
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