New AZ owner build! :)


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Aug 21, 2015
I'm so sorry I didn't realize you wrote back to me. Just finished picking my jaw off of the ground after seeing your end result. Gorgeous!

I am on the other side of the mountain from you in Ahwatukee. I would still love to know what subs you would recommend and any words of wisdom. I think we finally have our subs selected and will receive our permits on Friday. I am scared about being the owner/builder but your project definitely gives me inspiration!

Thanks for sharing!
Nice. Message me the subs names or numbers and i can tell you if they are the same ones. They all pretty much know each other. They are either competing with each other or working with each other. lol. I grew up in ahwatukee myself. Love that area. Soon we will be connected with the highway. Im near dobbins and mountain myself on this side.

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did you seal the travertine?
No not yet, but i am soon. Just the coping because i will have salt water soon. Have to wait 20-30 days before adding salt to pebble


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Jan 18, 2016
Tucson, AZ
Really looking nice. Hope it's been warm enough for you to enjoy it already. I'd like to ask some questions about your bar stools. Specifically on dimensions. Diameter, seat height distance from water line/bar top/floor, seat distance to wall, distance between seats.

I'm designing ours and can't get a handle on this. I want it to be perfect since we only get one shot at it.