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Aug 24, 2016
Sugar Land, TX
I don't know what I would have done without this site...maybe thrown away my easy set pool? I'm on almost my third summer with it. The first one came after my sister decided in august that pool ownership wasn't for her. So she sent me the link to the pool she had (or so I thought) and I told her I'd take it off her hands and give it a go.

From the start, DH didn't want to spend a fortune on chlorine tabs, and SWGs were on clearance since it was the end of the season, so picked one up online with the pool still sitting in the garage. Threw down some leftover sand on the patio in an attempt to level it, doing all the work myself because in the meantime DH had herniated 2 discs, put down some interlocking foam pads for cushion, and pulled it out to set up. Lo and behold, it was a different pool! 10x30, which isn't ideal for our teenager, and a different brand so I'd have to figure out adapters and stuff. Instead we just ordered the pool we *thought* we were getting, and filled it at the beginning of September. DD was in it Every. Single. Day. until we stored it six weeks later.

The following summer, after having prepped a spot in the yard (poorly as it turns out) we set it up and decided to switch to a sand filter. It was like night and day. Both kids in the pool every day. So I guess this is worth the trouble, right. Also, no way am I taking this down and putting it back up every year. So up it stays, and clean all winter (even though I totally slacked on maintenance.)

This year, just about ready to open the pool when our first warm rain caused an algae bloom. I cleared with bleach no problem, but the water remained cloudy no matter how often or how long I backwashed the filter. So I drained. And it sat and turned green again. So I partially filled. And scrubbed with bleach, and drained and filled again. It was still cloudy at this point, and I was afraid of another algae bloom. But I persevered with bottle bleach (10% from Walmart) thanks to TFP SLAM technique. I also learned about the OCLT, which makes so much sense!!!! and the water has been beautifully clear since. Especially with the help of the skimmer and auto vacuum, which are my new best friends. 😀

So now I'm not a complete pool noob. Much still to learn, but I understand the basic chemistry, I have and use the proper test kit, and I'm confident that when this one dies and we upgrade (either to regular AGP or just a larger ultra frame Intex) I'll be well prepared to care for it.

All thanks to y'all.

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