New 24x40 mountain pond IG install in NH


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Jul 22, 2013
Virginia Beach, Va
This is really one of the most attractive pools I've seen on here. I absolutely love the color of the pavers with the color of the water. Your pictures are also beautiful in terms of the color. It's really beautiful. I love it. lol


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Oct 7, 2013
Southern NH
So, back to my "build" for what is the final step, for now, of the the season is wrapping up here in the northeast. Usage is down, and I'm thinking about sealing the pavers. While it doesn't appear to be required or even strongly suggested by Rinox, they do mention you can of course do it if you wish to.

A friend of mine, a professional in the flooring business, recommends that I do seal, using Scofield Repello sealer. It doesn't change the color, leaves to "film" and only requires one coat. It's a professional only product, but he plans on getting it for me and applying it with me. I read pros and cons about sealing in general, and admit that I'm confused again. Right now, I have no stains. Since it is a salt water pool, I figure this will help protect the pavers and coping. Aside form the work and expense of doing it, is there any real downside to doing it? I do always worry about food droppings on the patio, and the occasional person I don't get to that applies spray/aerosol sunscreen on the patio, leaving overspray marks.

I read some threads on TFP, and can't determine if it really helps at all. It will cost me about $500 in product to do my patio. Also, for those that have done it, any tips on getting the sealer properly applied to the front edge/round edge of the coping stones? It's water based, so I assume a few drops in the pool isn't a bit deal...

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