never seen my water like this before don't know where to sta

May 26, 2008
Ok so I tested my water today with the little drop thing that I always use. The results I got were as follows.
PH- 8.2 + very pink
Alkalinity - 30ppm
Calcium - 250
CYA 50
CL- 8.0
TC - 8.0

I have never seen anything like this and I dont know what to do. Everytime I lower the ph it lowers the alkalinity and every time I raise the Alkalinity it raises the PH. I took it to the pool store and they got the same results but I don't know if what they told me is right or not. HELP!!!!!!!!!


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Apr 1, 2007
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That's a VERY unusual pH/Alk relationship. I believe I'd confirm the Alk test before proceeding further....just to be safe. (I agree the pH test is correct)

Assuming both tests are correct, then you can........

Lower you pH with muriatic acid...sooner rather than later

Once pH is in the 7's, raise your alkalinity with baking'll have very little affect on your pH.

I would suggest you do that in a couple of steps (lower pH to 7.8, raise alk to 70, then lower pH to 7.2, then raise alk to 100) rather than try to get everything perfect all at once.


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May 7, 2007
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When you lower PH, TA also goes down a little. When you raise PH, TA also goes up a little. When your raise TA, PH also goes up a little. If you lower the PH, then raise TA, then lower PH again if needed, the TA will remain higher than it was originally.

Aeration from the waterfalls will raise PH.



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May 31, 2007
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Welcome to the forum.

If you would list all your equipment info in your sig, it would be a big help.

What is the name of the "little drop thing that I always use" to test?

It might help if you post all the #'s from the pool store test.

Having five waterfalls could lower your TA and raise your pH....constantly. Just a stab, more will chime in.

Could you post pix of your pool and waterfalls?

How many hrs per day do you run your pump/filter?

Do you keep the waterfalls on the entire time you run your pump/filter?

What is your location - county/state?