Need To Upgrade Pump


Aug 11, 2016
Ontario, OH
Second year pool owners, still pretty clueless about how all this works, but learning!

We decided to install an in the wall skimmer on our intex style pool this year. Pool is 24x52.

Pump won't run. We assume it's because it needs more power to run through the skimmer.

We're looking to upgrade the pump, and will need something that will handle the skimmer as well as the pool cleaner we purchased.

I know everybody has opinions about what's best, well I wanna hear them! We want to stay as affordable as possible, but don't want to invest in junk either.

We found a cheap 2.5 horsepower pump on Amazon, Happybuy brand, but I've never heard of it. Any experience with this pump?

Thanks in advance!


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
You do not need a 2.5 hp pump. And no doubt a cheap chinese make.

I would suspect a two speed 1 hp pump should be enough. Caveat is the cleaner. What is it?