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Jul 5, 2019
Hello: We've had an above ground pool for 3 years. We're new to pools but we've worked at educating ourselves on how to care for the pool we inherited which is only 5 yrs. old with a brand new motor.

We opened our Hayward Above Ground Pool (with sand filter) a month ago and have still not swam in it. Chemicals are all fine and we follow the steps for dirty and debris but problem is this.....pool has millions of particles floating within the pool, looks like FLOCC all coagulated together or constant small particles just floating alllllllllll over and too small to get caught in anything. It is all over and just constant, what appears to be, residue of some sort. We've done everything we know how, up to this point, to rid the pool of this but are afraid to swim in it. It does NOT look clear but only due to these millions of particles of whatever they are and we have no idea how to fix this. Otherwise it looks blueish in color. We have cleaned, scrubbed, emptied baskets, kept chemicals in balance, etc.etc....we even ordered a Hayward Wanda the Whale to help with bottom of pool but we do not have a battery operated hand vac as some videos have shown to have or need.

Should we completely empty the pool, scrub, and start over from scratch at this point??? We've invested way more time, money, and man power than 3 people would probably not attempt and still we have not won the battle.

Please, any helpful advice, suggestions? We've watched more YouTube videos than we can even imagine and still we are not getting anyplace accept keeping chemicals in balance, still looks no clearer after a good 2 weeks of working every day on this pool.

We need HELP! Please, and thank you!!!


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Jul 10, 2009
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Hi, welcome to TFP! Could you post some pictures of the problem and a current set of test results? That will help us troubleshoot your issue.