Need help with cracks in my spa


Jun 17, 2018
Des Plaines

My name is Chris, last year I build my own hot tub using cinder blocks. I used a waterproofer called basecrete on the inside and then painter everything with epoxy paint. This week I was cleaning the spa and found come small cracks where the jets connect with the wall, see attached picture. I wanted to ask anyone can give me an opinion on this, is it more of a surface crack or should I try and fix it?

About a month ago I noticed the water level drop a bit, found that it went down close to half an inch in two days (spa is 6 by 8 feet). I'm doing a stagnant water test now to see if I get any leaking now that the water cooled down. But wanted to get some opinions on these cracks that I noticed.

Also attaching a picture of the spa for reference.20200403_165510.jpg