Need help with Aquabot patterns


Jun 10, 2009

I have an Aquabot that I have not used since I bought it 2 years ago. I was unsure whether it would work with my pool shape or not. I am attempting to get it to work.

The issue is that my pool is a custom 40x50 and it has sloping sides like a pond, so I am afraid the Bot will just crawl right out of the water. It is shaped like a bowl, the shallow end gradually slopes out. I'd like it just to stick to the bottom in the deep and not climb up too far. I usually brush the sides down so I don't need it to do the sides.

If I can get it to work that would save me so much time since it's a huge pool, if not I'm going to sell it.



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Dec 3, 2009
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Only way I know to conduct an experiment is to do it. Put it in and see what happens?

On an unrelated note, thats an awfully big pool for a 1/2 HP pump. How does it work out for you?


Mar 23, 2010
I dont think it'll crawl out. This thing uses water for propulsion. If it's not sucking any water, it won't have any power to go anywhere and it'll fall back in. The downfall of this is that it'll suck in some air, making its trip back inside the water a little more difficult. My advice, try it out, see how it goes. If it does come out, the only thing to do is to increase its weight. the manufacturer says the cleaner needs to be nearly weightless to be able to move freely and negotiate the slopes. Adding a little bit of weight to it will keep it in the bottom where it needs to stay.
FYI, i'm a new Aquabot user, still trying to find the sweet spot of weightlessness vs weight. My thing loves to hang out in the walls, once in a while poking its wheels out but then back inside it goes once the jet reverses direction. I'm still on a trial and error basis. One thing to know though.... once the bag gets dirty, the water flow decreases noticably and the bot has a little hard a time climbing up.

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Oct 29, 2009
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I think it may crawl out. I remember geekgranny posting that her aquabot drove itself into the pool when it was turned on by mistake while sitting on the ground.

But, why not try it? Seems like a waste to have it just sitting around. If you try it and it doesn't work, you could at least sell it and maybe try something else.

Any chance of a picture or two of that huge unique pool? Sounds cool!
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