Need help figuring out what’s going on.


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Aug 7, 2010
Lake Jackson, TX
Hi all, I’m a bit stumped with my pool trouble. First my numbers,
FC/CC 10/0
pH 8. I added a half gallon of muriatic to counter this.
CYA 30
TA 90
CH 160 I think. My test chemicals are old and this one isn’t working right. Previous number was more like 350.
Borates 15
Salt 1200
Temp 80 F
Water is clear but had a strange look to it today, almost oily.

My issue started when the massive oaks nearby dumped a ton of pollen a while back. I had lots of green dust that was difficult to vacuum out. I finally was able to get most, of not all, out and thought I had it beat. Then the trees dumped a little more junk in. I wasn’t worried about pollen so much so I didn’t treat for algae. I was wrong and got a bloom that took a little while to knock down. The trouble is I am getting what I believe to be algae growing on the stair tops and al9ng the tops of the sides. I have brushed numerous times and vacuumed which does make it better. I also increased my chlorine level. I still have the trouble. As I understand the system I shouldn’t need to shock. Is that wrong? Another complication that may have bearing is that I have black algae present and my plaster is shot. Unfortunately a current bout of unemployment leaves me with limited options.

I could use some help with this one, thanks.
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