Need Help - Careless mistake


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Jul 6, 2012
HI all,

Hoping someone can help me out here. My wife turned on the pump (Hayward 1.5HP 2 weeks old) while the valve between the skimmer and pump was closed. It ran this way for a while until I got home happened to go to the pump and notice. The pump then ran fine yesterday and no issues when I turned it off last night.

I know this is very very bad for the pump - any ideas what I should specifically look for? could it cause electrical issues with the pump? GFI tripping? just seize up?

Please help


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Apr 30, 2011
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Welcome to TFP! I would think the main concern would be the motor overheating and seizing up or damage to the impellers/seals. I did something similar several years ago when I had a pool company come out and close my pool down and I had my pump on a timer. They left after closing everything down, and the timer turned my pump on for several hours. I didn't seem to hurt my pump at all. I would think as long as the pump is running now and not making any sty range noises you should be OK.....but that is just a guess. I am sure others will chime in with more concrete advice.


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May 19, 2010
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I think if it is running, you are good for now. Might have shortened its life some though.

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Jul 20, 2007
You should be fine. Just keep an eye on it to make sure it's not leaking, you could have damaged the ceramic seal which is easily replaced.