Nautilus Plus not starting (with a fix!)


Feb 7, 2018
Lake Worth, FL
Thought I'd share this fix for a Nautilus Plus not starting. Mine is about 2 years old, use it year-round (FL) but only about 1-2 times/month.

After almost 2 years, it wouldn't start up, or would do so sporadically (resetting the power controls several times, etc.). I checked the power output on the control unit (multimeter) and it was fine (29V?). Made sure nothing was stuck inside the robot itself, and I clean the filters after every use.

SO, here's the solution. I used contact spray cleaner on the end of the power cable that plugs into the control box. This connector is uncovered and apparently built up a bit of corrosion on the pins. A quick spray and now it starts right up, every time!