My Inground cleaning quik clean system question or vacuuming


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May 21, 2012
Hello all,
finally or kind of setup the pool but still having bunch of problem with inground cleaning system quikclean. Anyone using inground quikclean system and know how to setup it correction, please help.

It's doesn't seem to work that well; even with all pop heads all the way out; with ok pressure and motor speed at 4 (maybe it;s not enough pressure...i'm thinking). The debris and dirt gets about feet or 2 feet cleared around the pop heads but just sits around places in the pool and doesn't reach the drain.

Should i just get separate vacuum and use it with the skimmer (the pool doesn't seem to have separate suction pipe for vacuum?)

attached is the pic of skimmer; not sure there is a adaptor that is available goes over the pipes because it doesn't look; as the vacuum pipe will fit the skimmer pipes, directly. thank Mac

and here is a link to the rest of pics of the pool, including quikclean: ... directlink



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May 7, 2007
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Re: My Inground cleaning quik clean system question or vacuu

The QuikClean system needs a fairly high flow rate to work correctly. You have a variable speed pump. You should be able to turn up the pump speed high enough to get the QuikClean to work correctly.

The attach a vacuum to that skimmer you will probably need to get a skimmer vacuum plate, a special plate that fits over the skimmer basket and has a connector that you attach the vacuum hose to.