My fathers pool


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For the first time I opened his pool, or at least tried. 22000 gallon IG took cover off found a dead possum on bottom, water looked kinda clear though. Used the test kit to try and get some preliminary numbers. I didn't have enough time to to let the pump run for a while but I got these numbers:
pH 6.8
FC= 0
CYA 25-30


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May 7, 2007
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Your PH is probably way below 6.8. The standard PH test will report any PH below 6.8 as 6.8, so there is no easy way to be sure just how low it is.

You should raise the PH up to at least 7.0 as soon as possible. Low PH can damage the pool. You also need to get the PH up before chlorine will be effective.

CYA can be increased with stabilizer/cyanuric acid/conditioner, several names all the same stuff.

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Jun 22, 2009
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While doing the Ph test after adding the powder it only barely changed color initially, could that be the reason for the 0 FC? Also when I added the five drops then it only took 1 drop to clear the liquid.
Do you mean when you were doing the FC test? I don't know of a pH test that we use that has powder.

If it was the FC test and it turned pink for a second or two when adding the powder, then add another scoop of powder until it stays pink. If it doesn't turn pink after 2 scoops it means you have zero FC. You can use an OTO test for a check. If there's chlorine it'll always turn some color.