multiple schedules on Intelliflo Variable?


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Jun 29, 2019
san diego ca
we bought our home with pool 3 years ago, so I know just enough about the pool operation to be dangerous. I have had no problems with adjusting the schedule until recently. I have the pump scheduled to come on at 11:00 am and off at 7:00 pm. I can see the countdown clock working correctly throughout the day...however..... now when the countdown reaches zero (i.e. at 7:00 pm) it immediately resets for an additional 3 hours and runs until 10:00 pm. Admittedly, I was screwing around with the programming when this occurred (possibly even in the manual mode), so I am wondering if I have accidentally programmed in two schedules that are overlapping? Is that even possible? Is there a way to do a complete reset to clear the entire program and just start over?


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May 3, 2007
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Yes, it is possible to have multiple schedules with multiple speeds. The manual steps you through the programming. What pump model do you have?