Modifying an Intex Ultra Frame for Salt Water Use.


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Sep 12, 2018
Hi all,
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I'm located in the Caribbean and have had my 9x18x52 Ultra Frame pool up and running with saltwater for the last 24 months virtually worry free except for developing rust issues, because saltwater and steel are by no means friends.

Last week one of the "U" shaped or "Hairpin"uprights failed due to corrosion (rusting).

Here I propose to replace all the uprights (12 pcs) with devices replicated in 1" x 2" Aluminum tubing (joints TIG welded) and the beams replicated in single-piece, thick-walled, 2" OD Schedule 80 industrial PVC pipe (2 Long and 2 Short). The right angle corners (4 pcs) are done with 1.5" OD thick-walled, Schedule 80 industrial PVC pipe and Schedule 80 PVC Elbows. These are sliding fit into the 2"pipe.

NOTE: The beams are drawn half their length, just mirror the dimensions at the "mirror-line"

Once setup, there's nothing to rust anymore!

I also contemplated doing this project in Stainless Steel, but on pricing the materials, it proved to be prohibitively expensive here.

Below, is a CAD drawing of my proposed modification, with dimensions appropriate for the 9x18x52 Ultra Frame Pool (dimensions shown are inches).

Hope you find this useful.

SaltWater Mod.jpg


Nocturnal Entry.jpg
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Nov 12, 2017
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And a new business is born!! Sounds brilliant. Do keep us updated on your build (lots of pics, please), and later so we can follow along on how well this works! Thanks for sharing.