Metal Return Fitting and SWG


Sep 20, 2016
Whitehouse Station, NJ
Hi all,

I’ve purchased and am in the process of installing an IC40 SWG.

Something I didn’t think of before the purchase:
The return fitting in the wall of the pool is metal (I think because my pool was built in the 70s from what I can tell from old house permits). Note: The eyeball fitting screws into plastic threads, but behind the threads is a metal fitting.

Is the salt water going to corrode the metal fitting and leave me with a big problem? I already know the fitting is a little rusty from inspecting during winerization.

Any advice would be appreciated!


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
Does a magnet stick to the metal fitting?

What have you been using to chlorinate your pool?

Liquid chlorine/bleach contains salt that will accumulate in pool water. You can have 1000 ppm or more in a chlorine pool. So the 3000 ppm of salt a SWG requires may not be much more then what you have now.

You should get the K-1766 Taylor Salt Test and test your water before you add salt for the SWG.