Meredith's Problem


New member
Jun 30, 2020
Upper GWYNEDD pa
I want to upgrade my pool due to fact my system is going to go shortly. I was thinking of also getting a variable pump bc I heard I could make it a smart pool and use my phone to do so
Looking for feedback on what others have done in my situation. I spent money on fixing a motherboard in a few years I will end up scrapping the whole system for something else etc
I have a aqua logic, the pool 8 years old and I have not owned it for a year, no real info on it from the old owner bc it was a divorce situation. It is a salt water pool with an attached spa. Two weeks ago the blower button for the spa was acting up and now it works. Than all the lights came on all the time and now no lights on the board. I’m starting to feel I spend too much time on researching this pool so I figured I would just ask :)
Thanks Meredith from PA