Manual automatic covers?


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Jul 22, 2017
Indianapolis, IN

We are debating on putting an automatic/manual safety cover on our pool. I saw Royal Swimming pools online has pool kits, and it seems kits for DIY automatic covers? Has anyone installed either their manual or automatic cover. Are you happy with them?

I also saw Aqua-Maria EZ cover, but they seem to have dealers who install. I spoke to one and they are giving an estimate, but said not much price difference as it is all the same except the motor.

Any suggestions are appreciated. If any of you have had an automatic cover installed, are you glad you did?



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Feb 23, 2018
Beckley, WV
We have a hydraulic lid on our pool but it was here when we got it...its 67 years old and runs perfectly...I love the cover as its easy, its efficient and as far as my insurance goes i don't have to have a fence or some other type of barrier around the pool :)


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Jan 17, 2012
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Look at

I *think* I saw one that actually uses a rechargeable drill to activate the cover. I thought that a brilliant idea as I had also seen some with huge ski type manual poles that you "ski" with back and forth to open the cover.

They're out there.... you just have to Google and search a bit.

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Nov 8, 2011
In all our years we have installed one manual auto cover. Would never do another one. What little you save is not worth the effort it requires. The ability to just turn a key or flip a switch to open and close is so nice.