Malfunctioning pump


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Apr 26, 2021
We have a Coleman Swim Vista Series 2 pool with the small pump that comes with it. We purchased this last year. Yesterday I was draining the pool some and refilling. I had the pump off, but it was mistakenly turned on and started sucking air. This was about 7 seconds. It shut itself off before I could get to the GFCI to turn it off. Now, it won't restart at all. What do I do now?


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Jul 3, 2013
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Welcome to TFP :)

Is there a name on the pump and can you post a picture.. We may have someone that has one or knows how to reset it...

Try some of the following

1. Turn power off at the breaker and wait a couple minutes
2. Is the water able to get to the pump?
3. do you have a skimmer or is it connected through the side of the pool?
4. Is there anything blocking the water flow?
5. Is the circuit breaker tripped at the main box?
6. If everything is good try turning the pump breaker back on

does the pump make any noise at all when it receives power?
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